The CTN’s Vaccines & Immunotherapies (VIT) Core is hosting a one-hour webinar, which will discuss ongoing challenges, perspectives, and research related to organ donation in people living with HIV.

Monday, March 20, 2023
4:00–5:00 PM EDT | 1:00–2:00 PM PDT

Moderator and Host: Dr. Cecilia Costiniuk, VIT Core Co-lead

Guest speaker: Dr. Cameron Wolfe, MBBS, Transplant Infectious Diseases Specialist

Dr. Wolfe’s work focuses on people with immune deficiencies, including people living with HIV, cancer patients, and transplant recipients.

Dr. Wolfe will discuss the experience of the Duke Transplant Clinic, including:

  • Experience in selecting organ donors, including living donors with HIV
  • Challenges faced
  • Community engagement/reluctance
  • Key research priorities for the future

Dr. Wolfe’s talk will be followed by a panel discussion featuring:

  • Dr. Deepali Kumar, Director of Transplant Infectious Diseases, UHN
  • Dr. Ruth Sapir-Pichhadze, Transplant nephrologist, MUHC
  • Dr. Jean Tchervenkov, Transplant surgeon, MUHC

The session will conclude with 15 minutes for discussion and questions from the audience.

Click here to register.

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