Dr. Balogun is an assistant professor of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine at the University of Saskatchewan College of Medicine. He is also a clinical biochemist at the Saskatchewan Health Authority.

Dr. Balogun obtained his MSc in biomedical science from the University of East London, UK, and completed his PhD in biochemistry from the Memorial University of Newfoundland. Following his doctoral training, he completed postdoctoral training at the University Health Network, Toronto, followed by a clinical chemistry fellowship at the University of Utah School of Medicine and ARUP Laboratories, Salt Lake City, Utah.

Dr. Balogun’s research interests lie in maternal and infant health in the face of HIV infection and the altered biochemical changes associated with HIV infection and pharmacotherapy. He is particularly interested in understanding how HIV infection and treatments cause altered chemistry and how these alterations affect HIV disease trajectories. His goal is to develop biomarkers that would facilitate safe administration of HIV interventions, particularly in key populations, using approved clinical laboratory standard procedures.

Dr. Balogun was a CTN Postdoctoral Fellow from 2017–2019 while investigating the impact of in utero exposure to HIV antiretrovirals on fetal development and neurocognitive performance,