Dr. Ken Kasper is an assistant professor in the Department of Medical Microbiology at the University of Manitoba and an infectious disease specialist working at Winnipeg’s Health Sciences Center hospital and Nine Circles Community Clinic. He is also the director of the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority HIV Program and the Manitoba HIV Program. His research interests include medical education with a focus on HIV.

Dr. Kasper is a principal investigator for CTNPT 004, a pilot trial looking at the effect of an individual’s genetic make-up on progression and transmission of HIV. The study is exploring the role HLA alleles, a group of human genes that help the immune system distinguish the body’s own proteins from proteins made by invaders such as viruses and bacteria. He is also a co-investigator for CTN 247, which is a study of host and viral factors associated with disease progression in long-term HIV-infected subjects, and CTN 254, which is looking at the role of inflammation as a predictor of HIV disease progression, and is participating in the TMC 125 expanded access programme, and the drug treatment has now been approved for sale to the public.