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The Network’s Vision

The CTN is a Canada-wide partnership of researchers, people living with HIV and their caregivers, governments, health advocates, and the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry. We’re committed to generating knowledge on the prevention, treatment, and management of HIV, hepatitis C (HCV), and other sexually transmitted and blood-borne infections (STBBIs), and to developing a cure for HIV through conducting scientifically sound clinical trials, research, and other interventions. 

The CTN is dedicated to maximizing the impact of research to improve the health of Canadians. We accomplish this by applying knowledge gained through research into clinical and non-clinical practice, and making information more accessible to the community.

Strategic Priorities

The CTN facilitates and supports high-quality, community-collaborative, investigator-driven HIV clinical trials and innovative non-interventional research. Our work provides mentorship and training while sharing resources and expertise. Our strategic priorities for 2019-2024 are as follows.

National and Strategic Research Agenda

To develop, adapt and implement a strategic research agenda aligned with current and emerging priorities in HIV, HCV, STBBIs and other related health conditions.

Network Structure, Governance, and Management

To sustain a national infrastructure that enables Canadian researchers to conduct innovative HIV research in collaboration with the community.

Excellence of the Team

To continue as a high-performance, service-oriented, and accountable organization that supports researchers in delivering and translating high-quality science with a measurable impact on the health of Canadians and beyond.

Network Training and Career Development

To continue strengthening the capacity to conduct patient-oriented, clinical and virological, outcomes-based research through training and mentoring initiatives.

Network Impact

To ensure the relevance of our work through the active and meaningful involvement of stakeholders and partners (including people living with HIV, community organizations, clinicians, policymakers, and relevant national networks) in CTN activities and governance committees.

Knowledge Translation

To support the timely uptake of knowledge generated through the Network into health outcome improvements and guidelines for patient care to support the use of best practices by clinicians, community members, and policy makers.

National Centre Team

At the heart of the CTN is the National Centre, based at St. Paul’s Hospital in Vancouver, BC. This site facilitates and supports Canada-wide research by efficiently centralizing administrative, methodological and management services, including communications and knowledge translation.

Research Cores

The Cores are responsible for managing the flow of concept development to protocols, supervising ongoing studies and mentoring junior investigators. In addition to reaching out to colleagues and sites across Canada, all four Cores are committed to working in partnership with individuals and clinical trial networks globally.

Core teams focus the expertise of clinical investigators, research coordinators, CTN support staff, and members of the HIV community, on generating study protocols that address the most urgent clinical questions of the day. Together, these teams function as a catalyst of scientific activity in their area.

Co-infections and Related Conditions (CRC)

Core Co-Leaders: Drs. Ann Burchell and Troy Grennan

The Co-infections and Related Conditions Core focuses on the design and conduct of research that has real-world impact and is aimed at improving the prevention, diagnosis, management and treatment of HIV, HCV and other STBBIs and emerging co-infections and their related health impacts.

Research Associate
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Clinical Care and Management (CCM)

Core Co-Leaders: Drs. Jason Brophy and Madeleine Durand

The Clinical Care and Management conducts clinical research aimed at creating evidence-based knowledge that optimizes engagement in the HIV Cascade of Care in Canada (particularly for key populations). This research contributes to improved understanding and management of HIV-related comorbidities and enhances wellness of persons living and aging with HIV.

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Prevention (PREV)

Core Co-Leaders: Drs. Darrell Tan and Trevor Hart

The Prevention Core brings together scientists conducting biomedical, social and behavioural research in collaboration with community partners to develop, test, and implement evidence-based HIV prevention research. This core will study new ways to engage key populations in community-based testing initiatives and have a key focus of addressing the syndemic psychosocial problems that drive the HIV epidemic among affected populations.

Research Associate

Cassandra Bertucci -

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Vaccines and Immunotherapies (VIT)

Core Co-Leaders: Drs. Cecilia Costiniuk and Mario Ostrowski

The Vaccines and Immunotherapies Core focuses on the growing science of viral eradication and continue to conduct studies developing and testing targeted immunotherapies and therapeutic vaccines primarily as they directly or indirectly decrease the size of the HIV reservoir, with the ultimate goal of finding a cure for HIV.

Research Associate

Claude Vertzagias -

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Who We Are

Recognizing the important contributions of many kinds of experts, the CTN has six kinds of members: investigators (academic and community), clinical research coordinators, community members, postdoctoral fellows, committee members, and our National Centre staff.

Our Partners

The CTN is grateful for its sponsors and collaborative partners. These organizations make our ongoing work possible.