Dr. Catherine Worthington is a professor in the School of Public Health and Social Policy at the University of Victoria.

She obtained a Bachelor of Arts and Science from Trent University in Honours Administrative and Policy Studies, before going on to a Master of Health Administration, a PhD in social work, and a post-doctorate in public health sciences at the University of Toronto.

Her primary research and professional interests lie in the area of services. “How do people engage with systems? How can we make this engagement better?” These are questions her work revolves around. Specific topics of research include program evaluation, access to health care, recipient views of services, social-structural drivers of health, HIV/AIDS, homelessness, adolescent health, community-based participatory research, survey methods, qualitative methods, and research ethics.

She has co-authored two CTN publications in recent years. The first was an evaluation of a Wed-based tailored intervention to support people living with HIV in the adoption of health promoting behaviours, while the second looked at the importance of clinic contact factors in HIV research participation among both white and non-white populations.

email; (250) 472-4709