Dr. Angel is a senior scientist in the Chronic Disease Program at the Ottawa Hospital Research Institute and the director of the HIV Clinic at the Ottawa Hospital. He is a a Professor of Medicine as well as the chair and chief of the Division of Infectious Diseases at the University of Ottawa. Dr. Angel is the principal investigator for the Canadian HIV Cure Enterprise (CanCURE).

Dr. Angel earned his medical degree at the University of Toronto and went on to a residency in internal medicine. He received his clinical research and infectious diseases training at the New England Medical Center/Tufts University in Boston.

His primary interests are HIV immunopathogenesis and immune-based therapies for HIV. His research focuses on three main areas: (1) mechanisms of HIV-induced cellular immune dysfunction, (2) the impact of antiretroviral and immune-based therapies on immune function in patients with HIV, and (3) studies of immune-based therapies including HIV vaccines.

He is the principal investigator for CTN 173, which looked at the impact of therapeutic HIV vaccination before an interruption of antiretroviral therapy on immune function and virologic rebound. He was a co-investigator for CTN 256, a study that tested the effectiveness and safety of AGS-004, an experimental immunotherapy, in controlling HIV replication. He is also a co-investigator for CTN 247 and 257 and has contributed to numerous CTN research publications.