Dr. Julian Falutz is an assistant professor of medicine at McGill University and a Senior Physician in the Division of Geriatrics at the McGill University Health Center. He is also the director of the Comprehensive HIV and Aging Initiative of the Chronic Viral Illness Service at the McGill University Hospital Center, and was the past Director of the HIV Metabolic Clinic at the Immune Deficiency Treatment center of the Montreal General Hospital.

He completed his medical degree and a residency in general internal medicine with subspecialty training in internal medicine and geriatrics at McGill University.

Dr. Falutz has focused his research on the interaction of metabolic complications, HIV/HAART-related body composition changes, and HIV disease. He is highly involved in the assessment and management of frailty in patients aging with HIV, and has conducted studies regarding a novel recombinant human growth hormone releasing factor, tesamorelin, which is now licensed in the Canada and the US.