Dr. Klein is a professor of medicine in the Division of Infectious Diseases, a Tier 1 Canada Research Chair, and a senior scientist in the Infectious Diseases and Immunity in Global Health Program at the Research Institute of the McGill University Health Centre. She is an associate member in the Department of Epidemiology, Biostatistics, and Occupational Health at McGill University. Dr. Klein is a National Co-director of the CTN. 

Dr. Klein completed her undergraduate degree in biology at Mount St. Vincent University. She earned her medical degree at McGill University, and then completed a specialization in internal medicine at the Royal Victoria Hospital and a research fellowship in infectious diseases at the University of Minnesota. Later on, she completed a master’s degree in epidemiology and biostatistics at McGill.

Her research focuses on the treatment of patients with HIV and chronic hepatitis; her ultimate goal is to pave the way to eliminating HCV and other chronic viral infections in Canada and globally. As the Canada Research Chair in Clinical and Epidemiologic Studies of Chronic Viral Infections in Vulnerable Populations, she is documenting the impact of new HCV therapies on health outcomes, designing and testing tailored approaches to increase access to diagnosis and treatment, building capacity for research with Indigenous communities, and using evidence generated to advocate for policy change. She served 8 years on the International AIDS Society’s governing council where she championed expanding access for HCV diagnosis and treatment globally.    

At the CTN, Dr. Klein is leading CTN 222, which is one of the largest multicenter cohort studies focusing on HIV/HCV co-infection in the world, involving over 2,000 participants from across Canada. She is also pursuing her interest in understanding long term clinical and treatment outcomes in HIV infection through her involvement in CTN 242: Canadian observational cohort collaboration. She is also the principal investigator for CTN 260 and CTN 286. She was a CTN Postdoctoral Fellow from 1998 to 2000, supervised by Dr. Richard Lalonde. As a CTN national co-director, she is a prominent researcher, leading multiple CTN studies and acting as co-investigator for several others, as well as a prolific writer, having contributed to over 100 CTN research publications since 2008.