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CTN 119: Abacavir plus Amprenavir versus Nelfinavir

A Comparison of a Four-drug Regimen Comprised of 141W94, Abacavir (1592U89), and Combivir with a Three-drug Regimen Comprised of Nelfinavir and Combivir in Antiretroviral-Naïve, HIV-Infected Subjects. (Protocol 528/270 [NZTA4002])

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Canadian Association for HIV Research

CTN Trials have been approved by the Community Advisory Committee of the Canadian HIV Trials Network and the Network’s Scientific Review Committee, or other national peer-review panels such as those at the Canadian Institutes of Health Research and the U.S. National Institutes of Health. CTNPT studies are small-scale investigations designed to determine the feasibility of research concepts, and do not all go through the regular CTN clinical trial review process. For information on the benefits and risks of participating in HIV clinical trials, call CATIE toll-free at 1-800-263-1638.