When it’s time to execute your project there are a number of documents that will help you record and track information. CTN provides support in the following areas:

Clinical trial and Project Management and Monitoring* 

*CTN can also provide templates for use by external study project management.

Study data management

  • Data Collection Worksheets design
  • Database design and edit checks programming
  • Data cleaning and query management
  • Reports generation
  • Users management
  • Adverse event coding (upon team’s request)

Data Safety Monitoring Committee (DSMC)

The CTN DSMC’s mandate is the following:

  • To monitor the conduct and progress of clinical trials to determine if any trial should be modified or stopped and make recommendations;
  • To evaluate accumulating study data for treatment benefit or harm;
  • To recommend protocol changes;
  • To review and approve clinical trial design and methods insofar as these impinge upon the DSMC’s functions;
  • To alert clinical trial leaders regarding emerging procedural or ethical issues; and
  • To monitor enrolment to assure that clinical trials proceed in a timely fashion.