Seek experts who will provide you with advice and review your proposal. Find out if your institution will assist with project/grant development.

With advance planning, an investigator can receive formal CTN feedback before submission to a granting agency or a Research Ethics Board (REB). This Pre-Final Proposal stage involves the CTN providing Community Advisory Committee (CAC) and Scientific Review Committee (SRC) feedback on Pre-Final applications to improve the likelihood of receiving funding from granting agencies. Please refer to the CTN Submission and Review Process Guidance information, available as a PDF download or in the CTN Review Phase section of the toolbox.

A Pre-Final Proposal must contain (electronic copy):

  • A completed Letter of Intent Submission Form
  • A draft protocol, in a form suitable for submission to a granting agency or an REB
  • A draft informed consent form

If you simply need advice on where to find experts for this stage of development, the CTN National Centre or Core Leads could put you in touch with relevant experts. Contact Erin Cherban, Chief Clinical Research Officer (1-800-661-4664;

Planning Methodology

  • Need help understanding the basics of statistics? Visit Graphpad.
  • The Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI) recently released a report on methodology standards. Download it here.

Preparing a Budget:

  • Download a detailed list of potential expenses.
  • Download a site-level study budget template.