The CTN will invite successful LOI applicants to provide a full submission, view the important submission dates here. The email invitation will include the information about the CTN meeting to receive application assistance, due date, and contact details for applicants who have questions.

Applications submitted late or without the required documents will not be accepted for review. As outlined in the Full Submission Checklist located on the first page of the CTN Full Submission Application Form, submissions must include the following, in the order listed below. If the following are not included, the applicant must provide justification why in the relevant section of the Full Submission Application Form.

  • Completed CTN Full Submission Application Form (provided by the CTN)
  • Completed CTN Study Proposal Form (provided by the CTN)
  • The participant Informed Consent Form
  • Completed CTN Recruitment Plan (provided by the CTN)
  • Community Engagement Plan
  • Completed CTN Budget Template (provided by the CTN)
  • A copy of the primary grant/funder (including the budget and budget justification, and all appendices) application, a copy of the approval letter and all reviewer comments. You must include the budget provided to grant/funder.

Supporting documents (only include if applicable):

  • If a clinical trial, the Health Canada “No Objection Letter” (if received) and information about drug/device procurement from the vendor/manufacturer (e.g., a letter from a pharmaceutical company guaranteeing provision of a study drug, placebo, and investigational labelling for the trial and/or a letter from the drug manufacturer that outlines the purchase price of the study drug, placebo, and investigational labelling for the trial).
  • Any other documentation available that may be relevant for the review of your project. Examples could include documents such as case report forms, investigator’s brochures or product monographs, and letters of support from community groups or community advisory boards.

When completed, the application and all attachments should be emailed to

Full Submission Review Process

The documents submitted to the CTN undergo peer review by the Scientific Review Committee (SRC), if required, and the Community Advisory Committee (CAC). All committee members are bound by confidentiality agreements. Information about the review committees may be found in our Committees section.

  • The CAC reviews all Full Submissions and may ask for changes to the informed consent form and ask the investigator questions regarding the protocol. A response from the investigator is required before CAC can approve the study.
  • The CTN will accept the review of other nationally recognized peer-review panels of clinical trials/research, such as CIHR’s or NIH’s randomized controlled trial (RCT) review panels. In such cases, a review by the SRC would not be necessary. All external reviews must be included in the submission.
  • Submissions receiving an SRC score of 3.5 or higher and CAC’s feedback are presented to the Steering Committee for approval consideration (“Approvable”).
  • Submissions with an SRC score of less than 3.5 are provided with the reviewer’s comments and CAC’s feedback. These projects may be re-submitted for the next review cycle, but must include the changes suggested by the review panels and any new information.
  • The Steering Committee reviews the ‘Approvable’ submissions and ultimately makes the decision to approve the submission. Once approved, a final CTN number is assigned to the study.
  • All approved submissions are reviewed by the Funding Committee for resource allocation. It is important that the applicant provide all relevant financial details to enable a full and impartial review.
  • Within eight weeks of the reviews, the applicant will receive correspondence from the National Director that outlines the results of the reviews and describes the resource allocation (if any).
  • Successful applicants are required to provide the CTN with the enrolment updates, notification of conference presentations, and publications as outlined in the correspondence they receive from the CTN. Applicants who suspend CTN-approved projects for any reason are required to report this suspension immediately.
  • Successful applicants are required to acknowledge CTN support when issuing publications, scientific presentations, press releases, and other documents describing projects or programs supported by the CTN in whole or in part. CTN Publication Guidelines are available online and are provided to successful applicants.

The CTN cannot grant final approval to a submission until all of the required information has been received. In the case of a re-submission, all required changes and/or revisions must be included with the resubmitted documents.

Successful applicants must complete all the necessary requirements for their home institution, which include:

  • Fulfilling their institutional Research Ethics Board requirements.
  • Observing the progress of contract negotiation between their home institution and the CTN National Centre and promptly responding to their home institution to avoid delays.
  • Establishing a grant account per the requirements of their home institution, oversee (if applicable) spending for the study, and provide the CTN National Centre with financial statements as required.

Before you submit your study to the CTN, please review the Study Submission and Review Process Guidance document.

Any questions may be directed to the CTN at 1-800-661-4664 / 604-806-8327 or by email at